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We are proud to state that we are serving our clients in a diverse manner.

Out Sourcing & Talent Hunting & Acquisition


Out Sourcing & Talent Hunting & Acquisition

Comprehensive Staffing Service:

We manage all aspects of the hiring process and take 100% percent responsibility for finding and placing highly specialized resource.

Broad Industry Experience:

With huge portfolios of established sources, networks and connections, as well as extensive training in the cutting-edge search techniques and technology, our recruiters can provide you with top talent.

On-shoring Services:

We eliminate the risk of taking projects offshore by providing talented experts to your specific requirements. Those resources include the exact combination of onsite consultants, and devoted offsite team at NMS.

Outsourcing Services:

We solve your most difficult problems through our advanced cost cutting outsourcing solutions. Organization takes advantage by outsourcing non-core operations OR whole operations to concentrate on their core business.

Our outsourcing solution includes:

  1. Recruitment Process outsourcing (RPO).
  2. Information Technology outsourcing (ITO).
  3. Information Technology outsourcing (ITO).
  4. Business process outsourcing (BPO).
  5. Knowledge Processing outsourcing (KPO).
  6. Knowledge Processing outsourcing (KPO).
  7. Managed Service outsourcing.
  8. Managed Service outsourcing.
  9. Project outsourcing.